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January 17th, 2019    

Episode 14 - Leading the Charge with NAPFA’s Geof Brown


This week we're excited to chat with Geof Brown, the CEO of NAPFA (National Association of Personal Financial Advisors) about the changing landscape of the financial advisory space and what you need to look for when the myriad of professionals all sound the same - but in reality can be very different in what and how they provide advice.

December 12th, 2018    

Episode 13 - It’s Just Stuff w/ Matt Paxton


We are so excited to have long-time friend, host of A&E's hit show HOARDERS, and just all-around good dude Matt Paxton on our show. We talk about his new business, Legacy Navigator, and the importance of letting go of stuff while leaving behind something more important.


December 3rd, 2018    

Episode 12 - In Pursuit Of A Better Investment Experience


In this episode, the EvoFi team is joined by Dimensional Fund Advisors' Russell Brockett, CFA, CFP, who helps us better understand and navigate ways to get the most out of your investment dollar.  

November 5th, 2018    

Episode 11 - Finding The Right Problem to Solve w/ Neil Patel


We know that the legal and financial aspects of a new business can be challenging, but what about the idea behind the business? Are you starting off on the right foot with a problem that requires solving? Former Disney and Martin Agency exec Neil Patel joins us to talk about the Big Idea that drives your business to market.

October 1st, 2018    

Episode 10 - Movin’ on Up w/ Cabell Childress


This week we're joined by the man behind the most prolific pineapple logo in Richmond today, Real Estate juggernaut Cabell Childress! 

September 17th, 2018    

Episode 9 - The ABC’s and 123’s of Medicare


The EvoFi team is excited to welcome Bryan Gay of Boomer Insurace to the show. Bryan is a 16-year veteran of the labyrinth that is Medicare and gives us some of the best insight to ever grace a microphone. 

September 3rd, 2018    

Episode 8 - Fusing Culture with Business w/ Roben Farzad


This week we're excited to have none other than the host of NPR's "Full Disclosure" podcast Roben Farzad! From his adventures on Wall St. to his work at Bloomberg and PBS NewsHour, Richmond's own rennaissance man talks to us about his new book and his journey through the worlds of finance, media, and the culture at large. 

August 13th, 2018    

Episode 7 - Dear Evo


We're back from vacation and ready to answer your questions during a new segment we're affectionatly calling "Dear Evo". 

If you'd like to submit a question and have it answered on the air, just shoot it over to evofipodcast@gmail.com

July 17th, 2018    

EvoFi News Break: A Look Into The Future


A check-in from your favorite finance folks as the team prepares for their next slate of guests.

June 25th, 2018    

Episode 6 - Estate Planning 101-ish


Welcome back, EvoFi friends! This week we're joined by attorney, friend, and resident estate planning expert Kimberly Skiba-Rokosky, a partner at Surovell, Isaacs, & Levy PLC. We talk about basic estate planning for the average bear.

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